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Social Media and Small to Medium Sized Business

By Triad SEO in : Social Media // Dec 14 2010

social media and small business marketingSocial Media and SMB’s

An August 2010 study from RatePoint listed a couple of depressing statistics and information about small businesses and their particular thoughts about social media. Per RatePoint:

  • 47% of SMB owners either are not positive or simply do not believe that their customers spend time on social media websites.
  • 24% of Small business owners don’t believe that their clients do any research via the internet before locating them.


If you are a small business owner and you do not think your clients are spending time on social websites, I would seriously recommend that you do a little research on the facts because there’s a world passing you by.

Earlier this year, Nielsen reported that the world now spends in excess of 100 billion minutes using social networks and blog websites, amounting to 22 percent of all time online, or one in every 4 and a half minutes.

Exactly where are those users hanging out? Facebook surpassed the 500 million member mark back in July 2010 and Twitter now has in excess of 100 million registered users, with 30,000 new men and women registering each day.

Consumers are using these types of online communities, and your current customers are sure to be included in this. If you’re not there, it means you are neglecting clients (as well as potential prospects).

Still need convincing?

Local internet search company 15miles joined with comScore in order to calculate consumers’ research actions and how people were interacting on the internet in the Local Search Usage Study. What they found was that the “Research On the internet, Buy Offline” (ROBO) effect was absolutely still happening. Based on their information, buyers in every age ranges would rather go online to begin with while searching for local business information.

In addition to that, developing a profile within social websites helps you to build credibility for a small company. Sixty-nine percent of shoppers say they are more likely to communicate with and use a local business if they can look for it on a social media website. As a Small to medium sized business, being present on these web sites will be an enormous differentiation and trust resource.

Consumers enjoy doing business with firms on social media given that they realize that whenever they encounter an issue, there is likely to be a professional there to assist them. It indicates the provider is readily accessible. More than simply getting on social media sites, consumers would like an Small business to create a real presence there.

For instance:

  • 81 % state it is important for businesses to respond to a write-up.
  • 78 % want to see specials and other types of offers.
  • 74 % want regular content.
  • 66 % prefer to view images.

It is surprising to me personally that at the end of 2010, virtually one half of SMBs still are not certain their customers are utilizing social sites to interact with brands and get trustworthy information and facts. Some time ago a guy named Danny Sullivan post an article about the “anyone know?” web search, where by individuals are routinely utilizing web sites like Twitter and Facebook to obtain product recommendations.

As an example, you have probably seen tweets similar to, “Someone know how we can find an excellent cup of coffee?” These are massive opportunities for small business owners to obtain brand-new prospects and build awareness.

No matter whether you believe your prospects are using social media, they are. The capability SMB owners have to contact customers where they’re already hanging out is significant, and it’s some thing you have to pay attention to. The World Wide Web is only going to become more social, not less social.

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