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Winston Salem SEO : Free Search Engine Optimization Tools and Services

By Triad SEO in : Search Engine Optimization, Winston Salem SEO // Oct 26 2010

Here is a helpful list of some free Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools and services that I use to help manage my daily Search Engine Optimization (SEO) work load.

Selecting  a Domain Name –

Half of your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking battle can be won, just by choosing up a targeted keyword rich domain name. I attempt to look for a .com only domain that has at least a 100 search a month. But it depends on how competitive your industry is and the cost of purchasing that domain. for quick domain available searches has tons of free SEO tools. One assists you compare the monthly keyword search volume and its domain availability.

Social Media Optimization – will post your twitter like message to about 50 additional sites. posts your link to the top 49 social book marking sites lets you manage and organize all your twitter peeps. will auto tweet individuals back that mention a targeted keyword that relates to your service or product.

Video Optimization free video creation software or hire somebody on Search Engine Optimization forum for about $20 to get a basic video or go professional on for under $200. Video is HOT for traffic and SEO rankings! This tool will submit your video to the top 50 video sharing sites. Then it’ll monitor all the traffic stats for you.

You just need to develop the accounts on YouTube etc. When you’ve the time, its proven to best manually submit each one with a different optimized description and title to earn you multiple search engine ranking positions.

Press Release Optimization for $18, this service will manually submit your release to five free distribution web sites for ten days. The 50 pr mentions will help keep your story stay on top of the search engine news feeds. But if you want to ensure the media might peruse your story. Then cough up the additional $80 bucks to release it on aka HARO is a great service to connect with reporters or submit your publisher request to 50k+ well connected readers.

SEO Outsourcing

Even with all these free Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools, you simply cannot do it all yourself. You will need a hand to get you the volume of targeted Search Engine Optimization (SEO) links needed to stay ahead of the competition. its not just another freelance web site. Odesk has a tool that’ll help monitor your staffs work with min by min screen shots to build your trust in paying by the hour. Plus they’ve got some tools to help with project management of your freelance team I meet the founder of this company at Affiliate Summit. He built this virtual marketing assistant company from five to well over 200 agents.

You hire a college educated English speaking experienced agent to work full time for you at under $4 an hour. You assign the daily task to your hired link builder, designer or programmer.

The web is filled with several tools to help you save time while earning the most attention that it is possible to for your brand. Just remember to always provide value online and continually network to earn natural links.

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