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Winston Salem SEO : Good SEO Starts With a User Friendly Site

By Triad SEO in : Search Engine Optimization, Winston Salem SEO // Oct 23 2010

How many times have you visited a web site only to be utterly confused as to what’s on offer? When this happens, do you wonder for which keywords the web site is optimizing?

After all, if you cannot tell what the web site is about, how likely is it that the search engines can tell?

That is why I so strongly believe that good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) begins with a user friendly website that lets website visitors know instantly what’s on offer for them and what the benefits of that offer are. Elements of this kind of effective home page include –

• Header with keywords

• Opening headline with keyword phrases

• Short easy-to-read (no reverse type) paragraphs that explain what is on offer in addition to the benefits and include the keywords

• the title tag not “home” or only the domain name – instead include the promised benefit (the title tag of my main web site is –  Miller Mosaic LLC – Traditional Marketing Principles Combined with the Power of Web Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Company More Effectively)

• Open layout with only the primary information on the home page – everything else linked off the home page (do not cram everything into this page and therefore confuse the visitor as to what to read/look at first)

And what about those keyword phrases?

The keywords should reflect the brand that is being established, the products/services on offer, and the benefits if possible.

Then the content on the home page and other pages should use these words appropriately to reinforce that the website is truly about these keywords and phrases.

This means that the pages besides the home page should also be user friendly – easy-to-read, clear headlines about the content, and less-is-more content (not jamming everything and the kitchen sink onto each page).

Once the website pages have been set up for ease of human reading and navigation, the website will be well positioned to employ Search Engine Optimization tactics to it

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