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Winston Salem SEO : How to develop landing pages with high conversion rates

By Triad SEO in : Search Engine Optimization, Winston Salem SEO // Oct 24 2010

A landing page is any page on website where the traffic is sent to prompt user to take any action. It  is the 1st page on your website which a user visit.

The user arrives on the page either from search engines, internet based ads or by clicking a link in the promotional email. It isn’t necessary that always landing page would be your homepage.

An effective landing page design is really important if you are trying to sell any product or want to generate some leads from your website.

The success and failure of an web-based plan depends mostly on the success of your landing pages. Below are the few tips which you are able to implement to create an effective Landing Page.

Relevance –

Your landing page ought to be relevant to the ad from which you are getting traffic. If you are running multiple offers at same time then be certain that you’ve created custom landing pages for each marketing campaigns.

Each landing page should focus only on one offer. Telling about multiple offers on the exact same landing page can distract the user mind.

Content –

Content is the most important part of any Landing Page as You can convey your message proficiently to your visitor only if you have good content. Do not forget more you educate your clients, more they are going to buy from you.

An effective landing page ought to be written in inverted pyramid structure. In Inverted Pyramid structure, conclusion and other important points is placed at top and other less important information is placed at end because users won’t be having that much time to peruse till end.

Trust Factor –

You landing page ought to be able to create a feeling of trust in your user for the product or towards you. Building trust among your clients is really important to sell them your products.

Add 2-3 short testimonials to your landing page. Also you are able to add some logos of corporations like BBC,CNN or you are able to add some awards that your products had won in past. These things help a lot in increasing sales.

Call to Action –

The main aim of the landing page is to encourage user to take a desired action which can be either buying a product from you or getting some information.

The call to action link like “Buy Now” or “Click here” must be always at the top so that it could be easily visible to the users. Improper positioning of Call to Action Link can reduce your conversion rate a lot.

Relevant Images –

Images speak more than words. Relevant images describing your product and offers will convey your message more proficiently and help in increasing the conversion rate.

Simplicity –

Simplicity Sells. Keep your Landing page Design very simple. A sophisticated landing page filled with non relevant images, Flash etc distract the mind of user and most of the times don’t convert well.

Test and Modify –

Keep improving your landing pages. Always use different version of landing pages at initial phases and evaluate which landing page convert well and what things are helping in getting conversions.

You are able to use the data you get from tests in making improvements in existing landing pages and then test again

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