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Winston Salem SEO : LinkedIn for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

By Triad SEO in : Search Engine Optimization, Winston Salem SEO // Oct 27 2010

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) professionals realize that one of the keys to elevating your ranking in Google search results is to have highly respected sites point to your web pages through links.  

In this article, I will explain how to change your LinkedIn profile to improve the ranking of your web pages.  I assume that you understand the concept of “anchor words”.

LinkedIn is a very well respected site, having a Google page rank of 8 for their home page and a page rank of 3 for many profile pages.  

Accordingly, when you’ve a profile in LinkedIn, you should be sure that you set up anchor words for the web pages that you reference in your profile, since you can now specify the anchor words.

The most obvious thing to do is to set up the 3 websites in your LinkedIn profile so that they point to your work website, your personal website, and your blog, or what ever 3 websites you want to promote.  to do this, log into LinkedIn, look at your profile, and follow these instructions –  

1. on the left navigation bar, expand Profile

2. click Edit My Profile

3. in the bottom center of the screen, click Edit after any among the sites, and you’ll be taken to a page where you can change all 3 web site pointers

A lot of smart Search Engine Optimization specialists realized this early on, and set all 3 to point to their web pages, but LinkedIn used to be “hard coded” to use the phrases

• My Company

• My Site

• My Blog

so they chose those three.  Now, it is possible to actually set up your own anchor words for your web sites by doing the following –  

• Edit your site area in your LinkedIn profiles, but pick Other from the drop down box, and put in your own anchor words in the box to the right of it

• Click Save Changes at the bottom

• Verify that the link works by clicking on the links

You can see an example of how I did it when you click on Patrick O’Malley’s LinkedIn Profile.  Notice that I set up my anchor words to be

• LinkedIn Speaker Video

• LinkedIn Training

• Missing LinkedIn Tips Blog

This assists me rank at the top for “LinkedIn speaker” out of 1.2 million matches.  I just added the keyword for “LinkedIn Training” lately, and am the 10th-14th match, depending on whether you use quotes with the search.  I just started the blog in late January, but it’s climbing.  By simply the time you read this, it may be higher.

Simply by the way, you are able to also set up links at MySpace, Facebook, and other social media sites, although many of them don’t presently permit you to specify your own anchor words.  

In summary, LinkedIn gives you a excellent opportunity to create quality web links to your site with anchor words that you get to choose.  It should only take 10 minutes of your time, and is certainly worth it.

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