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Winston Salem SEO : Locating Corporations, People  and Things On  the web

By Triad SEO in : Search Engine Optimization, Winston Salem SEO // Dec 1 2010

Winston Salem search engine optimizationIf you have ever searched for a book at a big library without using the resources available to direct you to the book or section, you know how frustrating and time consuming the venture can be. In searching the internet for companies, people , or things, you’ll find a very similar scenario.

However, the internet continues to grow at a phenomenal rate and no search engines or directories have all of the websites on the internet registered within their systems. That being said, search engines are still by far the most effective way of finding what you want.

Start Your Engines

Search engines are a necessity when it comes to looking up information on the internet. These applications consist of databases of web addresses that have been retrieved by computer programs like robots or bots, spiders, and webcrawlers or crawlers.

These retrievers scour the web searching webpages and sending back URLs, text references and descriptions to their site’s database.

To aid in the narrowing down of a search, search engines provide ways to submit keywords that help to reduce unrelated results that they provide.

For example, permits users to place ‘-’ in front of words that should not be included in the search. For example, the phrase bass -music can be used to search for pages that do not include the word music.

Most all search engines may be used the exact same way for basic searches. However, to narrow your search and better communicate with the search engine, look for text links, like Advanced Search or Help, on the search engine home pages.

Major search engines include -

  • Google
  • Yahoo! Search
  • MSN Search
  • Ask Jeeves
  • Dogpile

Search Engine Toolbars

The next big step in search engines has been search toolbars. Such toolbars plug straight into your browser and work like a shortcut to the search engine of your option.

This may be very convenient, since internet searches are always at your fingertips. As a bonus, most of them offer additional features over and above basic search.

For ¬†instance, Google’s Toolbar can save information and automatically fill out forms for you. MSN’s toolbar gives you the ability to have tabs in Internet Explorer. Major search toolbars include:

  • Google Toolbar
  • Yahoo! Toolbar
  • MSN Toolbar
  • Ask Jeeves Toolbar
  • Dogpile Toolbar

A word of warning! the popularity of toolbars is so great that many malicious people write toolbars that appear helpful, but really aren’t!

When you do not know the company that is offering you a toolbar, your safest bet is to not use it!

Another note, Firefox, a popular alternative web browser, has a search bar built in. So you are able to do Google and other searches from the get-go.

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