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Winston Salem SEO : Search Engine Optimization

By Triad SEO in : Search Engine Optimization, Winston Salem SEO // Sep 23 2010

Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the perfect marketing initiative you can use to take your web-based business to the next level. On a daily basis, thousands of potential clients use the web to search for your services and goods trying to find the most effective deal possible with a click of a button.

It is your decision to let them find you or your competition. Make Search Engine Optimization a high priority on your marketing plan and let Wellnesseo lead you to the path of success.

Why Hire Wellnesseo to Search Engine Optimize your Site?

Wether you have had a web site for a long period of time and have never received meaningful traffic from the search engines other than from pay per click  (sponsored ads) or if you want to develop a new web site and would like it to be search engine friendly, Wellnesseo has the experience, knowledge and most importantly the track record to deliver top 10 search engine ranking positions for clients in numerous and highly competitive industries.

Our SEO Strategy

Our SEO services focus on developing a well structured themed web site architecture building compelling content to maximize conversions and increase sales. The following is a general outline of our search engine optimization strategy –

Extensive Keyword Research

Without a doubt keyword research is the first step towards a successful Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaign. Locating the right keywords and phrases that will not only bring traffic but also clients is the key when compiling a keyword list to optimize a web site.

A fatal disaster will eventually happen when the wrong keywords have been chosen and little or not licensed traffic is being generated by the same.

Countless hours of labor intensive optimization as well as thousands of dollars would be the negative end result of a marketing campaign that was doomed from the start.

Our clients are advised and encouraged to be part of the keyword generation process since they’re the ones who know the most about what potential clients will kind in the major search engines when searching for their products or services.

Competitive Analysis

Studying and assessing  the top competitors in your industry becomes crucial to discover what is needed to become one of them. By emulating the good and getting rid of the bad from the competitors pages we can not only equal but better the rankings they already have.

From keyword targeting to on-page optimization, we’re going to examine your competitor’s web sites and utilize all that data to optimize and beat your competition.

Website Assessment

Our team of SEO specialists will performe a comprenhensive examination of your web site and produces a detailed report on what could be done to improve your web web site’s search engine rankings.

Understanding the initial state of your web site will give us a beginning point from where we are able to develop our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy and develop a search engine friendly web site.

Among the objectives, when not the most important, is to discover the site saturation (web page indexation) in the major search engines.

Site Enhancements

After assessing  and assessing  data from competitors as well as your own site we are able to move on to implementing and enhancing the structure, design and content of the same.

Search Engine Friendly URLs, Themed Website Framework, and Compelling Keyword Rich Content among others, are the most important enhancements your website will need.

A search engine friendly Internal linking structure and external authority links will be put into place. Optimized landing pages, HTML as well as XML site map feeds will be developed for later submission to search engine spiders.

On-Page Optimization

In this stage of the search engine optimization we rely to a great extent on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) software tools that evaluate and identify areas within the web pages that are missing, out of place or simply need to be retouched. Keyword frequency and density play an important role into the overall optimization of the page.

Meta tags such as title, description, and keyword phrases will also be taken into consideration in addition to alt tags, title tags, and heading tags.

Search Engine Submission

After the website has been enhanced and completely optimized then comes the time to submit your website to all the major search engines, directories, and social media networks.

We provide you with two different submission services –  manual and automated. Because statistically 90 percent of search engine visitors come from the 3 major search engines today Yahoo, Google and MSN accordingly we have to do a manual hand submission to these three.

The rest of search engines could be submitted automatically through one of our deep and fast website submission programs. The search engine submission frequency is about once a week.

Detailed Reporting

Wellnesseo utilizes search engine monitoring tools to check the rankings acquired for our clients on a regular basis. We provide you with 24/7 access to our search engine ranking reports through our secure client login area within Wellnesseo.

The list of keyword phrases chosen at the starting of the optimization plan will be shown in a matrix format along with the major search engines to easily understand the report.

On top of that, your SEO account manager will send you weekly in addition to monthly reports via email showing SE rankings, site traffic statistics, and on-page optimization performed in the site.

Link Building Campaign Management

Link popularity along with keyword rich content is the main factor that drives good search engine rank. Consequently, we provide our clients with a comprehensive link building plan identifying only industry specific quality link partners that will complement the on-page search engine optimization plan.

We also utilize only the top SEO tools for locating the right sources for links. A variety of link sources will be identified and pursed i.e. industry related websites, blogs, social media networks, news sites, article distribution networks etc.

Wellnesseo prides itself to be one of the most recognized Winston Salem Search Engine Optimization (SEO) agencies who has been delivering top rankings for clients in highly competitive industries.

We are commited to provide only results driven SEO services. View our Search Engine Optimization Case Studies or our Client Testimonials and see for yourself what our satisfied Search Engine Optimization clients have to say about our services.

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