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Winston Salem SEO : Search Engine Optimization Tips From Wellnesseo

By Triad SEO in : Search Engine Optimization, Winston Salem SEO // Nov 25 2010

Successful web site owners are aware of the need to implement search engine optimization (SEO) methods to ensure high organic search engine rank.

Nonetheless, when reading some small company sites and blogs, you will notice there is a huge question as to the most effective SEO tactics to implement.

Without consulting an Search Engine Optimization specialist who stays on top of the changing Search Engine Optimization trends, many small corporations actually risk damaging their search engine results positioning by using the wrong Search Engine Optimization tactics and strategies.

This article looks at some things to know when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), whether you’re hiring an expert Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company or going it alone.

Commit Long Term – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not a onetime thing. The algorithms of the major search engines change constantly, meaning tactics that worked well last month mightn’t work today. Effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) requires you to commit long-term.

Learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – When doing it yourself, you need to learn current Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methods and you must stay on top of the constant changes in the search engine algorithms to ensure effectiveness in the long term.

This is the main reason why many successful web site owners choose to hire an SEO company. They feel the time spent learning SEO, implementing SEO, and staying on top of every change in SEO is better spent building their company.

Because profitability increases dramatically, even with the minimal cost of hiring an Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company, it makes sense, namely since it is practically impossible for a company owner to do everything himself in the running of a corporation.

Have Patience – Excellent organic search engine results positioning don’t happen overnight. It can sometimes take months, in particular for newer, smaller website companies.

Build an Effective Site – While good content and framework beat design when it comes to search engine results positioning, design is still a vital component of a successful web site.

Look at the sites of the competitors and think about whether your site measures up. When it doesn’t, make it even better.

Place Analytics From the Start – Clearly defined objectives are great, but without web analytics, you cannot track what works and what doesn’t.

Add A Web site Map – If the search engine spiders cannot crawl your pages, the search engines cannot index them. A site map helps spiders find the important pages of your site so the search engines can understand how your site works.

Do Your Keyword Research – Keywords are still king when it comes to Search Engine Optimization, so do not neglect the importance of keyword research. The most vital aspect of picking good keywords and phrases is calculating the relative volume of keywords and phrases against each other.

Include URLs That Are Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Friendly – Use keywords in your file names and URLs, but do not overdo it. Use hyphens instead of underscores because the various search engines treat hyphens as spaces, but not underscores.

Notwithstanding, too many hyphens can make your URL look spammy to visitors, costing you valuable clicks.

Use Keyword Focused Titles and Meta Tags – Use your most important keyword in your title tag. That is one of the simplest, but most vital Search Engine Optimization approaches. It is difficult to rank highly for certain keyword phrases when they are not included in your title tag.

Make certain you also include a keyword focused meta description in your pages. While your meta description will not do much to help your rankings, you are able to encourage people to click with a good description because it often appears in the search engine listings.

Some website administrators use misspelled keywords and phrases in their meta description. Since many individuals misspell words in an web-based search, website administrators want to include common misspellings as part of their Search Engine Optimization marketing campaign, but are hesitant to have misspelled words on their website pages so they use them in their meta description.

Open A PPC Account – It doesn’t matter whether you choose a Yahoo! or Google pay-per-click account, by opening an account and testing ads you are able to easily get the actual search volume for the keyword phrases you choose.

It also provides you with instant search engine visibility, whereas Search Engine Optimization can take time.

Create Unique and Informative Content – This is hugely important in effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO). While it’s simple for some web sites and just takes a little time and effort, retail web sites often neglect this.

For example, when you’re selling the exact same product as ninety other online retailers, you ought to steer clear of the boilerplate manufacturer descriptions and select to create your own unique product descriptions full of keyword phrases.

Do this and you’ll not only gain inbound links from other sites, but you’ll also blow away your competition.

Write For Your Readers – While some Search Engine Optimization (SEO) corporations may encourage you to write for the various search engines, it does not do much to help your rankings and can actually hurt your site, as readers won’t return to a hard to peruse site.

Always write for the readers. Include keywords in your text, but make certain it is still readable.

Build Your Links Strategically – Submit your website to trusted web directories like DMOZ, Yahoo, and Best of the Web. Only seek inbound links from authority sites in the same topic or industry as your website.

When geographical area is important to your rankings, pursue an inbound link from your local Chamber of Commerce. Remember that quality of inbound links is better than quantity of links.

For  instance, an inbound link from a dating advice site won’t do much to boost the rankings of your storage shed site, but an inbound like from an authority site like Home Depot could send you higher in the organic rankings.

Link Internally With Keyword Anchor Text – Simply by linking anchor text, you tell the search engine spiders what your website is about. Never use ‘click here’ as your anchor text for a link. All this does is tell the major search engines your website is about ‘click here.’

Blog and Post On Other Blogs – the various search engines love blogs, namely those updated often with new postings, because they are full of fresh content. Simply by attaching a blog to your web site via a URL like www.yourweb siteurl/blog, you will gain more attention from the various search engines.

Post helpful comments on other blogs within your industry as well, always including your link in the signature. Never include a link in your comment or it might be deleted for being spammy.

Don’t Overlook Press Releases – A lot of site administrators overlook the usefulness of press releases and developing a good relationship with the traditional media.

You can receive incredible coverage and exposure for your site by distributing press releases online, but remember to only issue a release when you have real news or you will alienate the media when you produce fluff releases for the heck of it.

Not only does this increase your media coverage, but press releases also provide you with valuable inbound links. Just imagine how much attention your web site might receive when Fox News or CNN were to select up your press release.

Consider Social Media – When you have a service related business, consider posting comments on Q&A social media web sites like Yahoo! Answers.

This will not only gain you valuable inbound links (in your signature only, please), but will help you establish yourself as an specialist. Consider contributing photographs and videos to Flickr and YouTube to further use social media.

By becoming an active member of the online social community, it is possible to interact with potential customers without them really knowing you’re trying to sell them.

Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Is Valuable – Since many people include a geographical area when searching online, it only makes sense to use your locality as an Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactic.

For example, when searching for a real estate agent, most people will search with their area in mind, like ‘Atlanta real estate agent.’ Regardless of your type of corporation, by optimizing your website for the local area you may benefit  from higher rankings.

Include a location and directions page in your web site using your area as a keyword. List your web site with any local directories like Local, Yelp, and CitySearch.

Use Search Engine Tools – the various search engines themselves can help you rank higher if you make use of the tools they provide.

For  instance, Yahoo! Web site Explorer and Google Webmaster Central will give you an idea of how the major search engines view your site and will show you the number of inbound links they find.

Broaden Your Tactics – You might get a ton of traffic from Yahoo! today, but that may all change with the next algorithm change so you need to broaden your tactics in lieu of focusing on one or two methods.

Subscriber websites with email newsletters present a way for controlling and holding onto potential visitors regardless of what happens with the algorithms. Other things like blogging and social media can also help you grow a loyal audience that isn’t dependent on the major search engines.

Ask Questions – When you decide not to tackle Search Engine Optimization on your own, consider hiring an Search Engine Optimization business. Be certain to ask plenty of questions so you know the tactics used.

Don’t be afraid to ask for specifics and inquire about possible risks. Some Search Engine Optimization approaches can actually hurt your search engine rankings, so know what tactics your prospective Search Engine Optimization corporation employs.

By keeping these SEO issues in mind, you ought to be able to make a plan that takes your small corporation site from obscurity to first page rankings. If it seems a little overwhelming, let the specialists at Out of this World SEO take care of it for you so you are able to focus on building your company.

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