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Winston Salem SEO : Search Engine Optimization Tips –  How to Organize Your Web site for Fast Search Engine Ranking

By Triad SEO in : Search Engine Optimization, Winston Salem SEO // Aug 26 2010

Keyword Selection and Fast Search Engine Rankings

In my last keyword building article I wrote about how to select keywords that would generate the highest return with the least amount of work.

I demonstrated how employing advanced search strings and recording Overture data could be used to find keywords with very little competition and high search volumes. My conclusion was that by conducting keyword research in this manner, ranking for keywords becomes easier.

The next step in Keyword Building is learning how to organize a web site around a keyword list for fast ranking and best results. The following is my strategy for doing so.

What You will Need

• A finalized list of keywords and phrases in addition to their corresponding search volumes and number of competitors.

• Excel, or some other spreadsheet program.

• an understanding of the site’s industry, and which terms are semantically related.

• Be sure to enough Search Engine Optimization knowledge to decide which words from your list are “low competition.”

High Competition Keywords

Keywords that’ll require a link-building strategy before ranking are considered “high competition.” High competition keywords and phrases should be broken down into semantically similar groups. Intuition is largely used to separate the keywords and phrases, but here are several universal rules –

• Keep the groups under 6 words each.

• Group phrases together with more than one word in common.

• Check to see when two keyword phrases return similar results in Google.

• No group should’ve only 1 keyword. Maximize the efforts of your link building.

Once the keywords have been semantically split, prepare an optimized title tag containing all the keywords from that group. Also pick one word from each group which is the most important to get ranking.

That term must be what is in the anchor text of your links when you start a link building plan.

Overall, this strategy will save you hours of fiddling and tweaking. Remember, SEO is no different than any other corporation process; it requires a plan. Practice these tips and you will see success.

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