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Winston Salem SEO : Seven Powerful Tips for Using Anchor Text

By Triad SEO in : Search Engine Optimization, Winston Salem SEO // Aug 22 2010

Anchor text is an important part of SEO. Anchor text is the clickable text which introduces a linked page to your audience.  

Your web page will have at least two audiences. The first audience is your visitor who will click the anchor text and the 2nd audience is the search engine who evaluates the anchor text joined with the text on the page, the web page address, page Meta description tag and other factors.

If you create your page, always focus on your visitor and recall that a search engine wants to understand your web page.

Thus, if you use “click here” for anchor text, then you’ve missed the opportunity to demonstrate that your site is related to keyword phrases pertaining to your business.  the following article covers seven powerful tips for using anchor text.

Live or Die by Your Keyword Research – Tip 1

Before you are able to identify which keywords to use in your anchor text, you really need to invest some time into keyword research. Just imagine if you knew how competitive a search term is then you’ll understand that ranking for the core search time might take a bit longer.

On the contrary, if you add an adjective or modifier to your core term, then you are able to potentially rank for the long tail term in less time. For example, ranking for the keyword “toys” will take some time but ranking for a specific toy brand, part number, model number or color is doable.

Keywords are Essential to Inbound Links – Tip 2

Inbound links are links that live on a third party website which link to your website. For better visibility in the various search engines, you want many inbound links.

To be the most effective, these inbound links should include keyword phrases in the anchor text.  an example of anchor text could  be Contact XYZ Media and Advertising for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) consulting and small corporation websites.

In this example my focus is Search Engine Optimization consulting, accordingly Search Engine Optimization consulting is my anchor text.

Since you want a variety of inbound links, you will want to vary the anchor text. In some cases I might promote, site design, SEO auditing, SEO tune up or a variety of other keywords related to my corporation.

Internal Links Count Too – Tip 3

Among the most confusing parts to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the nomenclature. Inbound links, internal links, external links, back links, hyperlink, and hidden links are all links to a web page.

While there are several types of links, the focus here is internal links.  Internal links reside on your web pages. Regardless of the link kind, all links use anchor text.

In the case of internal links you want to follow the exact same methodology and choose anchor text for your internal links that inform the reader about the content on the page and introduce the topic to the major search engines.

When the reader clicks the link fine china tea sets, he expects to see content about exactly the same topic.  Search engines operate in a similar manner. When your web page is added to the search engine database, your internal links are also captured.

If you have internal links using fine china as anchor text, then it stands to reason that your web site may  be related to fine China and related terms.

Rather than using generic text to click from one internal page to another, use your keyword research to select the top anchor text for the page.

Savvy Anchor Text Includes a Call to Action – Tip 4

In brief, a call to action is used by marketers to get the visitor to take action. After all, if you’re selling online, ultimately you want the visitor to do something.    

Here is where you can be savvy and add a call to action in your anchor text.  Instead of using buy now for the linked text, use “buy inexpensive Search Engine Optimization services” as the anchor text.

Are you hiding your Links? – Tip 5

When working with your website designer, make sure to request visible linked text using an underscore for the web pages. Most web site designers will use cascading style sheets (CSS) to format your web pages.

One of the nice features of CSS is that you can develop links without the underscore.  While links without the underscore could  be gorgeous, non underscored links are not user friendly.  

Don’t forget, web visitors scan pages; if your goal is to get the visitor to click on your linked text, then do not make him look for the anchor text.

Short Anchor Text is Brief – Tip 6

Based upon the importance of the message you want to communicate, you might be tempted to display the entire sentence or paragraph as linked text.  I say to you, resist the temptation.  

Don’t forget anchor text is used to introduce the visitor or search engine to a page.  Cleary, key information could be used as anchor text; nonetheless, you only need to link the important words that will encourage the visitor to click the link.

Use a Backlink Analyzer  - it is Free! – Tip 7

Now that you understand the importance of choosing keyword rich anchor text, how can you evaluate your existing anchor text?  the theory here pertains to both inbound links and internal links.

In the case of inbound links a.k.a. backlinks, perform a search using your favorite search engine and search for a backlink analyzer.  A backlink analyzer will give you insight to type of domains that link to your website.

Additionally, you are able to see the anchor text used in your inbound links. Two of my favorite back link analyzers are Back Link Analyzer by Aaron Wall and Webconfs’s Anchor Text Analysis.

As a reminder, conduct keyword research to target the right keywords and phrases.  When your site is using CSS which is a good practice,  you may want to check with your designer to enable underscores for your anchor text.

Underscores help do differentiate plain text from clickable text. With these powerful tips on using anchor text, you are able to start to take ownership of optimizing your web pages for search engines.

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