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Winston Salem SEO : The Dos and Don’ts of Article Writing

By Triad SEO in : Search Engine Optimization, Winston Salem SEO // Aug 27 2010

Over the past year or two, every SEO, Blogger, and Web site Promoter has heard about the wonders of article distribution and the positive results that articles can yield for an otherwise unknown site.

The objective of article marketing is three fold –

1.) Get your name out there as an expert

2.) Get traffic from links within your article

3.) Increase your search engine link popularity

In all three cases, the more highly distributed your article, the higher the likelihood of your articles achieving each goal.

In this article I examine the dos and don’ts of article marketing and reveal several secrets that’ll land you more back links and higher traffic from your article submissions.

What to Expect

When this is your first time submitting articles, you may be bubbling over with anticipation. Calm down. Not to say that article marketing is without benefit, but for those of you who think you’ve found the Holy Grail of site visibility, you’re in the wrong place.

Pertaining to the three objectives mentioned above, here is what you are able to expect –

• Making an Professional of Yourself – Don’t expect to be getting calls from conference coordinators asking you to speak at their annual event in Las Vegas. But hey, it looks good on a resume, right?

• Sending Traffic to Your Web site -Sadly, the site traffic you receive directly from articles is beautiful small. You can maximize it by tweaking the ways you submit, but don’t purchase a automobile with plans to pay it off using article-generated AdSense revenue. For that matter, don’t purchase a sandwich.

• Link Popularity and Search Engine Rankings – Article marketing’s saving grace. When you know how to optimize a page on your website as well as the links in your articles, you’ll see improvement in ranking.

The Dos Of Article Marketing

• Write something unique… but not too unique. Most specialists will tell you that for achieve success in article marketing, you must write on a topic that has not been covered. Nonetheless, if that means writing an article which is so specific that only 19 people in the world will find it relevant, like “24 Ways to Pet a Brittany Spaniel,” you will not have success either. SO…

• Put a new spin on an old subject. When you cannot write something “unique,” put your spin on something old.

• Write something useful.

• Make it scannable. You want individuals to make it to the end of your article and click on those precious signature links, right? Well then, be certain they are able to get to the end of the thing. Use sub-headers. Use bulleted lists. Use HTML. Increase the amount of traffic you are getting by making your article scannable.

• Optimize your links. Whenever possible, optimize your links for the various search engines. This means either placing important keyword phrases in the anchor text of your signature links or placing them close to the URL in situations where anchor text isn’t permitted.

• Deep link. I’ve found that links from articles normally do not yield web site authority with the major search engines, but they do help search engines define what term your page must be ranked for. A highly optimized page with highly optimized links from articles pointing to it can often find its way to the top, regardless of a web site’s authority.

• Write conversationally. The Internet is like totally laid back, man. Use it to your advantage and connect with your audience by keeping things conversational.

• Proof read.  And then do it again.  And then have somebody else do it.  And then one more time for good measure.

• Make it 600 – 900 words long.

• Use an automated form-filler. I use a program called Fireform. It cuts my submission time to seconds in lieu of minutes. Google it.

• Submit a “How-To.” and do not hold back. The more in-depth, the better.

• Submit a list. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from VH1, it’s that individuals love lists.

• Write your article to adhere to the submission rules of as many directories as possible. The less you have to go customize any individual submission for a specific directory, the more directories you will submit to.

The Don’ts Of Article Marketing

• Do not Use affiliate links. Most directories won’t publish an article laced with affiliate links and most content publishers won’t either. We’ve already established that articles don’t drive traffic, so by placing affiliate links in your article, you’re really just robbing yourself of search engine backlinks.

• Do not Sell your corporation. Do not sell your products either. In truth, attempt your best not to even mention who you work for in the body of your article. Writing an article to sell a product diminishes the credibility of that article in addition to its chances of being republished.

• Do not Use an automated article submission service or program. There are far too many variations between article directories to successfully automate submissions. Your success rate will plummet if you use a service like this.

• Don’t Use links in the article body. A lot of article directories don’t allow links in the body of the article, making them one more piece to customize from directory to directory.

• Don’t Re-word someone else’s article. First, it is plagiarism, or, as they call it in the grown-up world, copyright infringement. Second, articles like these are easy to choose out and will have lower success rates.

• Don’t Get discouraged. You probably will not see search engine improvements for a month, but they’re going to come. Instead of checking the SERPs every 10 minutes for signs of improvement, write and distribute another article. Don’t give up.

Do not forget, the idea is to manipulate the system in such a way that your articles are published and republished as often as possible. Through following this simple guide, you will be on your way to achieving that goal.

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