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Winston Salem SEO : Website Search Engines

By Triad SEO in : Search Engine Optimization, Winston Salem SEO // Nov 30 2010

Registering your website on search engines is a necessary part of any website marketing plan. is one of the most popular search engine directories and could help to drive more traffic to your website.

When registering your web site on Yahoo, it’s important to be certain it’s listed in the right category.

Begin by finding the section you wish to be listed in in the Yahoo directory. After you’ve reached your preferred section, click on “Suggest a Site,” at the bottom of the page.

For other categories, go to the section you feel your web site must be listed and click on “Suggest Site” at the bottom of the page and follow the directions. Another choice is to look at where your competition is listed in the directory.

For more information on Yahoo! visit –

Yahoo and a few other similar sites have started charging a fee to register. Yahoo’s fee is $299 for company listings.

Some online marketeers pick to register on other search engines 1st to gauge your level of response before investing the fee for Yahoo.

There are hundreds of well-liked search engines and directories on  the Internet. Some charge a fee to register and others are free.

Below you’ll find a list of links to several popular search engines and links to information and forms on their websites to assist you in submitting your website address (URL).

URL Submission Links:

  • AltaVista –
  • AltaVista Add URL info –
  • AltaVista Add URL for fee –
  • AltaVista Add URL for free –
  • Excite –
  • Dogpile –
  • WebCrawler –
  • All The Web –
  • Lycos –
  • Google –
  • Open Directory –

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